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Well, here we are again, the beginning of a new journey, a new blog & quickly approaching the last year of my schooling before ‘real life’ hits me hard and fast.  My name is Erin Resko, I am 29 years old & I live, work and study my passions… Kettlebell training, Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine.  I am currently in my last year of studies and work as an Intern at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine where I practice Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs.  While I’m not at school and studying I live and play at Spinach Gym (a Kettlebell Gym) in downtown Portland where I am a trainer.  This blog is about food and sharing my edible creations with you.

Over the past year I have changed my diet quite substantially for a number of reasons I will get to at some point throughout my posts, but it is primarily grain-free with lots of good, healthy fats, proteins, veggies and fruits.  This may sound a little familiar (or not)… as it is the Primal Diet; i.e. check out www.marksdailyapple.com or www.primalbody-primalmind.com.  My life revolves around living healthy, I strive to not only ‘talk the talk’ but to ‘walk the walk’ as well.

With this new blog I hope I can share with you the creative ways that I’ve found to keep foods creative, quick, easy & nutrient rich… without all the excess sugars and starches.

For more information about me, healthy living & wellbeing as well as Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine; check out my other blog Essential Healing!

About Erin

Erin lives in Ketchum, Id. She is a practicing Acupuncturist and Kettlebell Trainer in the Wood River Valley. She graduated from Acupuncture and Oriental Medical School in the Fall of 2011 from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR. She now has a growing and busy business that offers services to both Hailey and Ketchum. Erin has created a practice where she treats, educates and cares for people with a variety of modalities which include Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Lifestyle coaching, diet and nutrition education, and exercise. Among these, is this blog which is just one platform Erin uses to help her clients learn how to eat healthy, cook and bake with as much ease as possible to create a balanced lifestyle that you can adopt easily and effortlessly. Changing your lifestyle and diet is never an easy thing to do, and Erin's hope is that this makes it that much easier. If you'd like more information about Erin and her practice please check out her website: www.myessentialhealing.com A note from Erin: Over the past few years I have changed my diet pretty dramatically and no longer eat grains & very little sugar due to chronic eczema; this blog is about how to cook and bake without wheat, gluten, rice or other grains and still get what you want out of the food you are eating. It is different, & it is tricky, but it is also possible and I've found some tricks to satisfy even the most carb loving baker without the extra sugar and gluten that some of us just can't eat; and I'm looking forward to sharing more recipes with you as I experiment along. View all posts by Erin

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